Training and Development in Customs & Excise

Customs is a unique and complicated field. Customs officers and private sector workers such as clearing agents or customs consultants are in dire need of quality training. With the imminent implementation of the new Customs legislation in South Africa and the perpetual modernisation efforts elsewhere customs is currently in a state of flux. These changes point to the need for constant learning and re-learning over the next few years. This is off course, in addition to the normal basic customs training requirements such as tariff classification; customs valuation and origin. 

Being properly educated contributes to customs authorities operating more efficiently and private sector keeping on the right side of the law and thereby not risking their business unnecessarily. 

We offer training and development services encompassing the entire training cycle i.e. needs analysis through to evaluation. We are also able to provide technical as well as general management training. 

We are in the process of automating our learning programmes. Watch this space!

Last modified: Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 7:29 PM