About Us

DUTIPORT's Customs Institute aims to provide training and development through online learning, on-site learning as well as coaching. We have trained numerous customs officials and private sector clients within the borders of South Africa and beyond. 

The vast majority of customs technical training is based on universal concepts and conventions. These include customs valuation, tariff classification and origin. Even customs procedures and administration are very similar worldwide. 

Despite the similarities, the customs and excise law differs from country to country. Countries within the same regions, for example SACU or SADC have similar legislation and this will be further aligned with regional integration as a trade priority currently. 

We often encounter clients who are of the incorrect opinion that their clearing agents are responsible for all their customs and excise related matters and paradoxically an absence of well thought out agreements, not to mention the clearing instructions. That is a topic on its own. 

Our training is offering through different media because we'd like to encourage our clients to learn wherever they are, in their own time and at their own pace. We are simply an email away if there is a question. Conversely for those who have the need, we are able to train on-site or multiple sites through technology solutions. 

We are able to customise training after conducting assessments, to your particular needs, for both Customs Authorities and Private Sector clients.

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